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Resting Poses

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Balasana/Pose of a child

If you need to come out of an asana or sequence early, you can rest in Balasana while others in the class finish. Pose of a child stretches and releases the lower back so there’s never an excuse to stop mid-class for a chat or to check your iphone!

Begin by kneeling, bottom on heels and knees together. Bring your head to the floor, relax into the posture and focus on your breathing. Use a block to rest your head if necessary. Stretch your arms ...

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What to Expect in a Yoga class and Easy Pose

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What to expect in a yoga class

When you first walk into a yoga class, you may be surprised to find people lying on the floor. Don’t worry, you’re not late, regulars often arrive early so they can relax before the class starts. In our busy lives there’s rarely time to be “in the moment”. A short time, lying in savasana (corpse pose) helps you leave your day outside and focus inwards.

Tell the teacher if you have any injuries or medica...

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Great Plans in 2015

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2015 has been an exciting yoga year for me! I discovered yoga when I was 15 through a Sunday morning TV programme but it took many years (I’m 55 now) of personal practice before I was ready to teach others. I finally graduated as a Dru yoga teacher in January. Soon after that, I visited their beautiful centre in Snowdonia and found myself practising yoga next to a Welsh waterfall. A month later I flew to Poland for an intense yoga experience including pranayama (yoga breathing) outs...

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