Body and Soul Yoga

Venue Information and Classes

In Person Yoga

RAFA Club 

Carlton Road, Romford (opposite Lodge Farm Park rear entrance)

Nearest Parking:

Carlton Road carpark for Lodge Farm Park - Free (Display ticket but no payment required!)

Asda Supermarket carpark and street bays - free on Sundays

Check out streets off Carlton Road towards Gidea Park end if Romford is busy 

Sunday Stretch and Flow

10.30am to 11.45am

(in person AND zoom option)

Olivewell Store 

216-218 Main Road, Gidea Park RM2 5HA

Opposite The Harvester and Ship Pubs
Chair & Standing - Movement and Mindfulness - In Person and Zoom options
Starting Thursday 16th June - 11.00am to 12.15

Tesco Community Room
Roneo Corner Store, Hornchurch

Chair & Standing - All Ages Wellbeing

Starting Monday 13th June

Lodge Farm Park
Main Road, Gidea Park
Outdoor class under the trees overlooking the children's playground
Starting Tuesday 14th June - 11.00am to 12.00

Raphaels Restaurant
Raphael Park, Main Road, Gidea Park
Yoga Event and Lunch
Tuesday 7th June 10.15 to 11.30am

The Breakfast Club
Mercury Mall, Cafe near Asda
Free Talk and Chair based Yoga Taster
Monday 6th June 10.00am to 12.00

Social Meet ups and Tasters

Ad hoc dates, times and venues throughout the year 

Online Yoga 

Zoom Sessions open 5 minutes before official start time to allow for setting up and chat.

Presentation classes are taught without stopping and (within safety limits) participants are welcome to do their own thing without being observed or corrected.  For some classes (Tuesday Home Practice and Sunday Stretch and Flow) there is an in person AND zoom option.  In these cases, naturally the focus has to be on the "live" students but others are welcome to join virtually on that understanding.  Recordings are available to Gold Members afterwards with only the teacher appearing on screen.

Interactive classes are more personal and I may stop to watch the participants and offer individual corrections and adjustments. It is up to participants to choose whether they have their camera on or not. However, I recommend cameras on for interactive classes in order to get maximum benefit from the session.

ALL zooms and recordings are included in the Gold Membership with nothing extra to pay.  Anyone else can drop in for £5 per class (pay as you go - by bank transfer before or after the class).  Book online or email me for the link.

Facebook livestreams are completely free of charge to all - just send a join request to the private Facebook Group: Free Yoga with Body and Soul.

Monday Evening Meditation
9.30 to 9.45pm

Tuesday Home Practice
10.00 to 11.00am

Tuesday Backcare Yoga

6.00 to 7.00pm


Movement & Mindfulness

11.00am to 12.15pm

Gentle Stretch & Yoga Nidra

6.00 to 7.00pm

Sunday Stretch and Flow
10.30 to 11.45am -Zoom Option

Class Descriptions

Stretch and Flow Yoga

Signature Body and Soul class incorporating fun warm-ups followed by Energy Block Releases, sequences, body preps and postures leading to 15 minutes of complete relaxation and bliss.   
This class takes place at the RAFA Club in person and is livestreamed at the same time via zoom (only the teacher appears on the screen).

Wellness Yoga

Fun, informal class suitable for everyone - ideal for mental well-being and for anyone wanting to try yoga without being too serious.  No chanting, no chakra info or strange Sanskrit - just yoga without the woo-woo!

This class is not currently on the timetable but will be added if there is sufficient interest and a suitable time and venue becomes available.

Learn Yoga

Tutorial class focusing on specific asanas/postures and sequences with an opportunity to ask questions and interact.

This class is new to the timetable and only takes place when someone expresses an interest and books.

Backcare Yoga

Zoom interactive class - ideal for people with back issues looking to increase their confidence to get moving in a supportive group environment. 
This class uses the tried and tested Dru Backcare programme and has been endorsed by medical professionals.  However, always check with your GP first if you have any concerns about starting an exercise programme.

Movement and Mindfulness

Zoom interactive class - chair and standing movement leading to seated mindfulness practice.   We start with a short discussion (not recorded), then continue with a short seated practice leading to standing activations and sequences.  We practise the Dru Kriyas to prepare for meditation and finish with a seated mindfulness practice.
This class is ideal for anyone wanting to try mindfulness as an introduction to meditation. 

Home Practice Yoga

Zoom interactive class from my patio (weather permitting) to where-ever you choose to be.  It follows my own personal home practice and you will be encouraged to move in ways that feel good to you. 
This class is an ideal way to start your own home practice by sharing mine!

Gentle Stretch 

Zoom interactive class - gentle and passive stretches in this mat based class leading to 10 minutes savasana.   Surround yourself with cushions, bolsters and blankets to make yourself cosy and comfortable.  There is no standing in this class - just seated and supine stretches.
This class is ideal for anyone wanting to stretch and relax - especially if you have trouble getting up and down from the mat!

Family Yoga

Zoom interactive class for children aged 6 and upwards with a participating adult. All ages, with or without children, are welcome to join this fun, upbeat session. 

This class is ideal for the young and the young at heart.  It only takes place if there is sufficient interest - email to let me know your individual requirements. Recordings are only made available with the consent of participants.

Social Time (Coffee Mornings/lunches)

An opportunity to meet each other and talk about yoga (or anything else you want).  Usually no charge (depending on the venue) - other than the cost of coffee or beverage of your choice.  

Meetings take place at various locations around Gidea Park and Romford.  Watch out for details.
This class is perfect if you want to find out what goes on in a yoga class without actually having to take part or you just want to enjoy being with like minded people!

Monday Meditation

Zoom interactive and Facebook livestream - new to Body and Soul this year.  The Monday evening session will form a course taking us on a journey into the deeper practices including panayama, mudras, mantras, the chakras and the Koshas.  Join the live session or watch the recording at your convenience and use to develop a regular meditation practice. 
This session is open to everyone - just send a join request to the private Facebook group: Free Yoga with Body and Soul for free access. 

One to One (Individual) Session

Available to Gold Members only - book one session per 10 week block.  You will be given a personal programme to develop a regular home asana practice and work on whatever area you want to.

Arrange a mutually convenient time to meet on zoom or even in person (depending on location and time).

This session will help you get the most from a regular yoga practice and the other classes.

Private Group Yoga

Ask about one off or regular group sessions - on zoom OR in person.  The session can be anything you want eg Traditional Mat Yoga, Chair Yoga, Wellbeing, Chi-Ball, Dru Yoga, Yin Yoga, Laughter Yoga, ESOL Yoga Mindfulness or Meditation.  The choice is entirely yours.
This session is ideal for organised social groups and small groups of friends.

Gentle Stretch and Yoga Nidra

Zoom gentle stretch followed by Yoga Nidra which translates as "yoga sleep" (one hour of yoga nidra is believed to be as beneficial as three hours normal sleep).
Surround yourself with blankets, bolsters and cushions in a warm and cosy space of your home.  

You will be taken systematically through each part of your body to a place of total relaxation leaving you refreshed and energised.

This class is ideal for anyone who needs to relax and destress!