Body and Soul Yoga

Introduction to Yoga for ESOL Students: 


ESOL for Yoga is a unique, structured course piloted at NCC Redbridge by Mary (an experienced CELTA trained ESOL teacher in addition to being a Hatha/Dru Yoga instructor). Participants improve their English language (vocabulary, phrases, grammar and understanding) while enjoying all the fantastic health benefits of yoga. The course includes worksheets and uses videos, powerpoints and an overhead projector to aid learning. Mats and other equipment supplied. 

“After yoga I feel really relaxed. I have tension in my shoulders and after classes I’m so relaxed I want to sleep. I’ve learnt lots of English. When I started I couldn’t understand but now I know what to do. I have to listen so I can do the moves. Mary’s voice is very clear, slow and easy to understand. I love Mary’s yoga class.” Gilda Franconeri