Body and Soul Yoga

Mary's yoga "lifestyle" column

published in The Havering Post

Past issues of The Post are available online via the link below: Go to Pg 26 (Lifestyle Section)

My very own lifestyle column - published 9/9/15

Take a break - published 21/10/15

Adho Mukha Svanasana/Down Facing Dog

published 4/11/15

Full Yogic Breath published 2/12/15

Nadi Shadhana/Alternate Nostril Breathing published 30/12/15

Vrksasana/Tree Posture published 27/1/16

Hasta Mudras/Hand Gestures

published 24/2/16

Marjariasana/Cat Pose published 23/3/16

Pigeon Breath published 20/4/16

Relax and get into the zone - published 23/9/15

Sitting Comfortably - published 7/10/15

Tadasana/Mountain Pose

published 18/11/15

Roaring Lion published 16/12/15

Jala Neti/Nasal Cleansing Kriya published 7/12/16

Bandhas/Abdominal and pelvic contractions published 10/2/16

Mantras published 9/3/16

Surya Namaskara/Salute to the Sun published 6/4/16