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Price Plans

10th January 2022

My aim is to make yoga accessible to everyone at an affordable and fair price.  I don't offer donation (pay whatever you can afford) classes because in my experience those who can afford the least often end up paying the most.  Personally I think it's better to be clear about pricing and offer a range of options.  That's why I include prices on the website's homepage.  

Is anything free?

Yes, check out the free stuff link on the homepage.  There's a limited range of videos and tutorials anyone can access whenever they want.  Some are in the private Facebook group which you will need to join first (no charge or commitment asked).

The Olivewell Coffee Club is open to everyone - just buy a drink of you choice and join me for coffee and chat on Tuesday mornings from 11am onwards.

Can I try Gold membership first?

Yes, new students experience Gold Member privileges for a whole week by paying just £5 for their first class.  They have unlimited access to past recordings, live zooms and one in person class with nothing more to pay until the end of the week.  

How much is Gold Membership?

Gold Membership is £50 for the full 10 weeks.  If you have a trial week at the start of a block you pay £5 for your trial and then £45 being the balance of the block.

Is there a price reduction for mid-block starts?

Yes, the price reduces in £5 increments each week.  That means if you join in Week 2 and pay £5 for your trial week the balance will be £40 for the remaining 8 weeks.

Do I get anything extra for paying at the start of the block?

Obviously you get unlimited access for the whole 10 week period.  You are also entitled to a 1-1 zoom at a mutually convenient time (or an in person consultation after class) and a personalised programme.

Why do Gold members pay a £3 supplement for in person classes?

The supplement is to cover the extra costs of hiring a venue.   Even if you don't use zoom or recordings you will still only pay a maximum of £8 per week (£5 paid in advance with your Gold Membership plus the £3 supplement).  This is a big saving of £20 over the whole 10 week blog and guarantees your place in the class as well as allowing you to dip in and our of recordings and zooms.


Gold Member Benefits
(£50 for unlimited access x 10 weeks) 

  • Guaranteed place at the in person class of your choice (£3 supplement per class) for the remainder of the block (10 weeks if you join at the start)
  • Access to the Password Protected area of the website (Gold Members' Area)
  • Regular emails notifying updates to the Gold Members' Area
  • Unlimited access to at least one recording of each type of class offered
  • Unlimited live zooms
  • Full paying members can arrange a 1-1 consultation leading to a personalised programme 
Silver Member Benefits
(£40 for in person class of your choice x 5 weeks)

  • Guaranteed place at the in person class of your choice (no supplement required) for the remainder of the half block (5 weeks if you join at the start)
  • Zoom option for the class of your choice if you can't attend for any reason OR transfer to another in person venue in the same week (subject to availability)

Bronze Member Benefits
(£10 in person / £5 zoom)

  • No commitment
  • Convenience of being able to drop in (subject to availability)

Creating a meditation space

5th January 2021

How to meditate is "just do it" - you really don't need a special place, fancy clothes or secret techniques.  But, of course, it's easier said than done so, although the aim is to be able to meditate anywhere - ideally in the midst of chaos in order to find your calm, still place within - to begin with it definitely helps to make a special place.  You don't need a lot of room, you could even gather suitable items in a box that you can take out and put away after your practice.

Choose somewhere warm and cosy where you can sit for at least a short period without interruption.  Use this place for your regular practice.  If your home is noisy and crowded plan your meditation when it's quieter - perhaps when the children have gone to bed or are watching their favourite TV programme.  Ideally choose somewhere near a window so you can see the phases of the moon and even enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

Cover a low table with a clean cloth and place on it items that resonate with you.  The items you choose are personal to you - the purpose of the "altar" is to inspire you, it's not religious in itself but the items can be religious if you want ie a cross or a picture of a deity.  You may have a picture of a living guru (inspirational teacher) but pictures of family or friends are not advised, unless that person is sick or in need of special prayers.  

Keep the table clean, pure and uncluttered.  Only use items that are special to you.  They can represent the elements: earth, water, fire, air and space.

Keep a favourite shawl and cushion or meditation seat near the table. 

Suggested Items for your Altar

  • An inspiring image or symbol
  • Candle (non-toxic - soy or beeswax are recommended)
  • Incense or diffuser (Take care if they affect your breathing in any way.   You can experiment with different scents and essential oils: Sandalwood and Frankincense are recommended as calming for the mind.  Other scents ie rose, patchouli or jasmine stimulate the mind so are not recommended for meditation)  
  • Crystals
  • Fresh Flowers or a plant

Monday Meditations

5th January 2021

Monday evening meditations draw on my Dru training - both from the Teaching Course and also the separate Meditation Teaching Course - Foundation Modules.  I also use Swami Saradananda's excellent training (I qualified as a Meditation Teacher under her guidance in December 2020).

You may find the following publications useful although you don't need them to take part.   Gold Members can access everything needed in the Password Protected page of the Body and Soul website.

 All the following publications are available on Amazon.

Book List 

  • Mudras for Modern Life - Swami Sarardananda (Watkins)
  • Chakra Meditation - Swami Saradanananda (Watkins)
  • The Dance between Joy and Pain - Mansukh Patel et al (Dru Publications)
  • Draw Breath - Tom Granger (Summersdale)
Card Decks

  • Mudras for Modern Living - Swami Saradananda
  • Chakra Meditations - Swami Saradananda

Covid safety with Body and Soul

5th January 2022

Student safety is my priority and in person classes have been planned with that in mind.  

  • Doors and windows are always opened before class to ensure adequate air circulation.  
  • Numbers are limited to ensure sufficient space between participants.
  • Floors are kept hygienically clean.
  • Participants use their own mat and equipment.
  • Strong pranayama (breathing) techniques are taught outside or by an open window.  Participants are instructed to turn away from each other during practice.
  • Payment is encouraged by bank transfer to limit handling cash.
  • Complimentary sprays of Neal's Yard Hand Sanitiser (with essential oils) provided. 
  • Students are asked not to attend if they have cold or flu type symptoms or have tested positive for Covid.
  • Live zoom option available for the Sunday Stretch and Flow class.